If you are diabetic

When preparing for a colonoscopy, you must substitute your regular food with clear liquids that contain carbohydrates.  Because these liquids cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, sip on the liquids from one meal to the next, as opposed to drinking them all at once.

The following foods equal 10 gms of carbohydrate:
          ½ cup regular pop          ¾ cup broth
          1/3 cup apple juice         1/3 cup cranberry juice
          ½ twin popsicle              ½ cup Kool Aid
          ¼ cup regular jello          6 Lifesavers


Choose the calorie level most appropriate for you:

  1. If you should be following a 1200 calorie diet, this contains 129
    grams carbs
  2. 1500 Calorie diet, contains 160 grams carbs
  3. 2000 Calorie diet contains 234 grams carbs
  4. 2500 calorie diet contains 267 grams carbs

Other liquids taken between “meals” that day should be non-caloric, such as tea, black coffee, sugar-free jello, and sugar-free pop/soda


If you have questions on what to do with your diabetic medications, please look under the "Getting Ready for your Procedure" page under the "If you have diabetes" subpage.