If you have diabetes


If you are diabetic, to get ready for any of the GI procedures, you will need to follow specific instructions regarding your diabetic medications.

  • Check your blood sugar the evening before your procedure and again upon waking the morning of the procedure. If your blood sugar is below 80 at either of these checks or you have symptoms of low blood sugar such as dizziness, drink a glass of clear fruit juice (this does NOT include orange juice) and recheck your blood sugar. Continue to drink clear fruit juice until your blood sugar is above 80 or symptoms resolve. If symptoms fail to resolve, call our office.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, take diabetic medications as directed below:

Diabetes med Morning day before exam Night before exam Morning day of exam
Oral (tablets by mouth) Usual dose Do not take Do not take
Byetta (Exenatide) Usual dose Do not take Do not take
Long acting insulin Take 1/2 usual dose Take 1/2 usual dose* Do not take

*if you check your blood sugar near your usual evening meal, you may adjust this 1/2 dose up or down dependent upon your reading.

Regular insulin:  follow your sliding scale if you take before meals
Insulin pump:  confirm dosage adjustment with your medical provider

Call our office at (309)-779-4800, if you have any questions.