Clear liquid diet

Part of the colonoscopy prep requires that you drink clear liquids only the entire day before your colonoscopy. Generally, these are fluids that you can see through without milk/cream or pulp. Avoid liquids that have dairy/milk listed on the label and Ensure type beverages.

The following are considered clear liquids:
            Plain broth (chicken, beef, vegetable, bouillion)
            Apple juice, white grape juice
            Kool-aid and Crystal Light drink mixes
            Gatorade and other sports drinks
            Tea without milk/cream
            Black coffee
            Flavored waters or plain water

You must stop drinking clear liquids (or taking anything in by mouth) 6 hours before your procedure time. The only exception is drinking a sip of water to take “essential” medications that should have been outlined when you received your prep instructions. Generally “essential” medications are meds for high blood pressure and for atrial fibrillation/irregular heartbeat (such as digoxin, flecainide and amiodarone). If you are not sure which meds you should take the day of the colonoscopy or have lost your instructions, please call our office.