You should have already been given instructions for your prep. If you have not been given specific instructions on the prep from one of the nurses at our office, then you need to call the office at least one week before your colonoscopy. If you have been given specific instructions but cannot find them and it is the night before your colonoscopy, instructions on how and when to mix up your prep are at the lower half of this page.

At any time, however, if you start feeling nauseated , slow down in taking the prep and walk around.  Take a 15-30 min break from taking the prep.  If after 30 min, you still have the urge that you may throw up, you may eat 1-2 crackers to see if this will settle your stomach.  If you still throw up, as long as you start having bowel movements, you may still continue with the preparation when you feel less nauseated.  Hopefully, once you start having bowel movements, the feeling of nausea will go away.  If you start moving your bowels, then you have kept enough prep down to produce a laxative effect.  If you have thrown up the prep and do not start moving your bowels, you can buy a bottle of magnesium citrate from WalMart, Target or any drug store.

Instructions for the “regular” Miralax prep

Instructions for MoviPrep

Instructions for Prepopik Prep

Instructions for Suprep prep